Auto Home Umbrella Package

Individuals and families that own auto(s) and home/condo or rent a house or an apartment and care for a high level of protection usually in need of an insurance package that will provide high level of coverage. One way of achieving better level of protection is to purchase proper auto product along with proper home/condo/renters product and add an Umbrella policy above it all.

The important part is to get Auto and Home insurance policies that have sufficient level of protection in order for Umbrella to work. The underlying auto+home products must meet necessary guidelines for Umbrella to be valid. Because of that it is very important to work with knowledgeable agent that specializes in providing high level of protection, understands insurance company’s guidelines and is experienced in providing all these policies. Failure to comply with the guidelines may void millions of dollars worth of coverage.

If done properly, some clients with special circumstances may get as much as $1 million umbrella for almost no cost at all.

If you are looking for a high level protection and need to speak with experienced agent in this area, please contact us today. Our agency will help you choose proper protection, fulfill insurance company’s’ guidelines and will determine the best way to get the most amount of coverage at the lowest price.