Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are a big part of California, but this does not stop people from building, buying, renting places and living their lives

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance is one of the most important coverages and everyone who lives in California should consider buying it. Why? Because California has over 2000 known faults crossing the state and one of the highest risk states for earthquakes in US. California is the country of earthquakes. According to Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast there is a 99.7% chance of a 6.7M+ earthquake to strike California sometime within 30 years. Many believe that California is way overdue for a major earthquake and expect a big strike any time.

Earthquake can put expensive damages to your home or even completely destroy it, and your standard Home insurance policy excludes damages caused by earthquakes.

Be prepared for a next big earthquake

It is advisable for everyone to be prepared for a next big earthquake that can be catastrophic. Some things you can do:

  • Purchase earthquake insurance
  • Retrofit your home by bolting your house to the foundation, brace the chimney and water heater, put an automatic gas shut off valves, use plywood to strengthen cripple walls

Most of Earthquake insurance policies in California are purchased through California Earthquake Authority (CEA). The policy can not be purchased directly but it can be purchased through one of the participating insurance carriers. The policy is fairly basic and designed for more catastrophic claims; and made to be somewhat affordable by being sold with high deductible of %15. There are lower deductible options such as 10% and as low as 5% but in most areas of California it may get very expensive getting Earthquake insurance with as low as 5% or 10% deductibles.


Earthquake insurance typically offers 3 main coverages:

Building coverage

Building coverage. The coverage that pays for damages to the dwelling; however, landscaping, pool, fences and separate buildings are excluded.

Personal property

Personal property. The coverage that pays for damages to your belonging; however, many of your belongings are not covered – some examples are china and crystals, artworks such as paintings and sculptures, trees and plants and some other personal belongings.

Loss of Use

Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Use.  This coverage pays for additional extra costs you’d incur due to the need of you moving and living somewhere else. It will pay up to the limit of coverage purchased only.


There are a few other additional coverages you can add to the policy.

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