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How to help prevent damage from wildfires?

To reduce the risk of wildfire damage to your home, you’ll need to consider the fire resistance of your house, the location of your property and the nature of vegetation close by.

✅ Use fire-resistant materials for your home’s roof, patio cover, fences, deck, balcony and exterior walls
✅ Plant fire-resistant landscaping and avoid highly flammable trees like
✅ Use multi-paned and tempered glass windows to withstand the high heat. Install fireproof shutters.

 ✅Install covers (called soffits) to protect the undersides of your home’s eaves
 ✅Foundations of homes in fire-prone areas should be enclosed. This lowers the chance of wind-blown embers getting underneath your home

✅ Install external sprinkler systems with dedicated power sources or a water tank, if no water source is available
✅ Install metal wire mesh screens over your home’s outdoor vents
✅ Keep at least one working outdoor faucet with a hose that can reach your entire property.
✅ Don’t block your driveway – firefighters will need to use it to access your home.
✅ Buy a fire extinguisher and tools such as a shovel, rake and a bucket.
✅ Seal your garage door so there are no gaps when it’s closed – to keep embers from blowing in
✅ Move combustible materials away from your home
✅ Make sure street signs and address numbers are highly visible to help firefighters and other emergency
responders quickly find your property

Live well and be protected 😎🏡


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