That's right; being an insurance broker is not a job - it's a career. It's a lifestyle - we live what we preach. There are no tricks, no hacks, no funny business.

Being A Part of Perfect California Insurance Agency

Make a difference

We may be a bit picky, but we want to ensure everybody working with us has our values. Yes, we hate to lose, but we always do the right thing for every client. We do not shy away from obstacles and always look for solutions. Every day we strive to make a difference in people's life.

Abundance of opportunities

You are familiar with the expression "the sky is the limit." You must know that insurance is one of a few industries where this phrase is true. Being an insurance agent or broker is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Don't be afraid to dream big, set even bigger goals, work hard and enjoy the process on the way to your success.

Work from home

We had been remote way before the Corona pandemic struck. We are actual humans here with real lives and families. We take kids to schools, we travel, we have sick days, and occasionally, we may or may not work in our pajamas. But we are committed to working smart and living well, and location is no longer an obstacle.

Make your own schedule

Set up your day to fit your lifestyle. Heck, create a new, better lifestyle! Do not be glued to that desk. Go for a walk, work out, eat clean, drink plenty of water, and be inspired to serve, to make people's lives better, easier. Make your own schedule and work the hours when you are the most productive and creative.

Never a dull moment

This is your opportunity to keep learning daily, take action and implement your knowledge, and see your "planted seeds" grow and prosper. Being an insurance broker is never a dull moment. Every day you grow and develop professionally and personally.

Go beyond the next level

Do not limit yourself to just making the paycheck. Work on all areas of your life. Open your mind, set your goals, and create a plan. Challenge yourself to be a better person, parent, and role model every day. Unlock your power, profits, and purpose in your career and life.

Build A Career You Are Proud Of And Challenged By

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We live during these fast-changing times, where every business and every person is trying to catch up with new technology with the next best thing.

Insurance broker career with Perfect California Insurance Agency

Automation is incredible. Shopping online for anything and everything is extremely convenient. But we still believe in people during this whirlpool of technological and impatient chaos.

We believe that we, the insurance brokers and agents, are here to help clients to navigate the complexities of the Insurance industry. We are here to make sure their families and businesses are protected.

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Being an insurance broker is not for everyone. At Perfect California Insurance Agency, we believe in coverage over price and choose people over profit. No catch, no shenanigans. We work hard, we persevere, and we choose to succeed and prosper. And this is your opportunity to get off the sidelines and join us in this mission of growth.

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