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As Brokers, We Are Here To Help People Build A Proper Insurance Protection Based On Their Lifestyle And Business Ventures

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What is Perfect California Insurance Agency

Perfect California Insurance Agency is a home for Personal, Commercial, Health, and Life insurance products. Besides being excellent at what we do, we are also people, just like you. We are parents and one-of-a-kind ninja planners and organizers. We are independent, love to travel and explore, and love a good movie, a book, and a great cup of coffee (or green tea).

We are not just ONE thing, and we can bet that neither are you!
But most importantly, we want to help you build that bridge between worrying about your insurance side of things and finally breathing with ease of having every angle of your life and business outlined with protection in mind.

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About Us

Our goal was always to take care of our clients in the way we know how: by offering all lines of insurance.

Our entrepreneurs and business owners will agree that time becomes extremely valuable when you run and operate a business (or a few). But more importantly, the protection of the life they lead, the families they have, and the assets being built take front and center.

That’s where Perfect California Insurance Agency comes in.

We work on getting well-rounded protection by offering Personal, Commercial, Health, and Life insurance policies to our clients to tie it all in to ensure there are no gaps and run-around. 

Our Products And Services

Auto & Vehicle Insurance

Insurance for your car, motorcycle, boat, RV, and so on – find almost anything from the most basic coverage and limits to the completely built-out options and well-rounded protection to fit your situation and any vehicle customization. 

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Property Insurance

Just as every property is different and unique – there should be no cookie-cutter insurance covering it. A properly constructed policy is not only focusing on the build of your home and the amount of furniture you have but your lifestyle today and tomorrow.

Business Insurance

Owning a business is one of the most exciting ventures one can endure. It makes you grow as an individual, as a person, as a leader, and in every other role that comes in between. Find anything from Commercial Auto insurance to Errors and Omissions to Workers’ Compensation here.

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Term, Whole, Universal Life, Health insurance, Life annuity

Life and Health Insurance

Purchasing Life insurance may be one of the easiest ways to prepare and protect your loved ones for the time when you are gone. Explore different types of Life insurance and find the one that would be the most beneficial for you here.

Why Become Our Client?

By all means, we are not perfect, but every day we work hard to deliver, solve a problem, and find that answer. We hate to lose, but we always do the right thing.

We Work for You, Not the Insurance Company

Unlike captive insurance agents, the employees of an insurance company, we work for you, so our recommendations are always unbiased. Everything we do is, without exception, in your favor, and in your best interest. Period.

A Variety of Insurance Companies to Choose From

As your life changes - whether you get married, buy a new car, move to a new home, or start a business our team is happy to help with your policy changes. Access to multiple companies gives us many options to customize your insurance packages to fit your lifestyle.

Personal or Commercial - Any Type of Insurance

We want to be a part of your journey, whichever stage of life you are in. We offer practically any type of insurance. All in one place - making your life easier and more organized.

Easy to Purchase and Service Your Insurance

We've been "green" for almost a decade, so no printing, scanning, or faxing any paperwork exists in our office. Every bit of it is done electronically. For personal policies, you also get instant proof of insurance - yes, it is a big deal!

Basically, Your Insurance Concierge

Of course, you can choose to work with your insurance company directly. But we want you to think of us as your insurance concierge for any insurance-related tasks and questions. What can we help you with today?

Excellent and Personalized Service

We are not a call center here. There is no run-around when you email or call our office. We are working on developing a one-of-a-kind insurance agency by being more proactive and by bringing more value to every client.

Real People to Consult and Quote

Insurance is complicated and is not meant to be purchased from "one size fits all" vending machines. Let us help you build well-rounded protection suited for your specific situation.

We Re-shop Your Policies at Every Renewal

Things in life change, violations fall off, and new flood zoning is in force - we work on each and every policy at every renewal to make sure the company you are with, the coverage, the limits, and the rate they offer is still the best option out there.

We Do Good

We went "green" a long while ago. We work remotely and have eliminated any possible commute for our team members - keeping our air cleaner. We donate to good causes. We plant trees. We are being good and respectful human beings and encourage everybody to use their life wisely.

What Our Clients Say?

I do not like to spend half of my day on the phone or online with different insurance companies to update my address on all my policies. Perfect California Insurance Agency lets me do that with one email to my agent. Cannot beat such convenience and care.
A. L.
Sometimes I feel like it is my friend I am emailing. Whenever I have a question - I send a message to my agent. They know me, and I do not have to explain my whole situation whenever I need help.
D. C.
I have changed a few insurance companies since I became the agency's client. Thank you, guys, for taking care of everything.
K. G.
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