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You can work with us or directly with your insurance company - either way we are here for you

Make A Payment

Perfect California Insurance Agency is a brokerage. We work with you and for you, but you do not pay us.  Feel free to contact us, if you prefer our assistance in processing a payment – we will be happy to be of service to you.

Otherwise, payments are made directly to your insurance company:

  • online on their website
  • via phone with customer service representative or automated system
  • by mailing a payment directly to insurance company

A few useful tips:

  • If you can – pay your insurance policy premium in full. Most insurance companies will give you a substantial discount or at least will eliminate monthly billing fees.
  • If not paying in full – set up auto-payments. You would have lower billing fees and a peace of mind knowing you will not miss a monthly payment. 

Find your insurance company phone numbers and website links below.

Policy Change

For any changes to your policy simply contact us at 888-8888-212 or call your insurance company directly (find phone numbers and website links below).

Depending on the changes you are requesting, be ready to provide: 

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Either Pictures of the car from each side or Bill of Sale (if adding a car on the same day it is being purchased) or Declaration Pages from another insurance company as a proof of insurance/coverage on that same vehicle
  • Adding a driver: Driver’s full name, Date of Birth, Marital Status and Driver License number (send us a copy if foreign DL)
  • Lien Holder, Mortgagee, Additional Insured information or a request form directly from them
  • Adding an employee to Workers Compensation: employee class code and their salary or hourly pay

All required documents will be electronically signed, so there is no printing, no faxing and no scanning. We are proud to be paperless !


How soon should you file a claim?

We encourage our clients to report a claim as soon as possible, so that claims department can get to work on it right away. It’s ok to report it the next day, but make sure to take care of it as practically possible.

How to report an incident or accident?

To report an incident or accident you have to contact your insurance company directly. You can either call them or submit a claim 24/7 online. Please find contact information and website links of your insurance company below.

Be ready to provide some important information

Depending on the incident, accident or claim, be ready to provide some important information:

  • Policy number
  • Description of how, when, and where the incident occurred
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers of any injured/involved parties or witnesses
  • The insured driver’s name, address, phone number (for Personal and Commercial Auto claims)
  • The employer’s tax ID number, the injured/ill employee’s SSN and personnel file and any accident reports (for Workers’ Compensation claims)
  • Legal correspondence (for Liability claims)

At the time of a loss

  • Stop! Are there any people injured? Get help for them first.
  • Now gather as much information as possible.  Collect names, phone numbers, addresses, Insurance companies’ names and policy numbers of all parties involved, as well as witnesses’ information. Take notes, take pictures and videos.
  • If it was a car accident – move to a safe area (if possible). Call the policy (if required).
  • Take any reasonable steps to protect people and your property from further harm or damage and keep a record of any emergency expenses incurred in the process. 
  • Preserve any closed-circuit surveillance video. Cellphone pictures and videos can be really helpful.

866-472-3326 Claims, Customer Service

877-762-3101 Roadside

800-503-3724 Claims, Customer Service, Roadside

800-300-3693  Customer Service

800-274-4499 Claims

800-776-2778 Roadside

800-282-1446 Claims, Customer Service

800-421-3535 Roadside

800-842-5075 Customer Service

800-252-4633 Claims, Roadside

877-896-9320 Customer Service

800-243-5860 Claims

800-322-7789 Roadside

888-888-0080 Claims, Customer Service

Roadside – call Roadside Assistance provider of your choice and request a reimbursement from Bristol West afterwards

888-342-6595 Customer Service

800-234-3606 Claims

855-849-3858 Roadside

877-627-3731 Claims, Roadside, Customer Service


800-303-5000 Customer Service

800-962-1172 Claims

877-468-3466 Claims, Customer Service

800-997-6651 Motor Club/Roadside

800-252-4670- Personal policy claims

800-433-0385 Business policy claims

8006732465 Customer Service

888-639-2567 Claims

888-423-2322 Customer Service

For Claims: call your Property Insurance Provider

877-348-0552 Claims, Customer Service


877-528-7878 Customer Service

888-239-3909 Claims

800-987-3373 Claims, Customer Service

866-283-7545 Customer Service

866-424-8508 Claims

877-922-9701 Customer Service

800-385-0274 Claims

888-310-8020 Roadside

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