Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto insurance is for anything from using your BMW to visit clients to customized Chevy for your construction business to a food truck

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are in business that owns vehicles, which are used for business, you need Commercial Auto insurance. That’s common sense. However, there are many situations where clients carry Personal Auto insurance on the vehicle that is used for business purposes, which creates a big problem shall an accident occur. Personal Auto policies typically exclude any business use. In addition, even though Commercial Auto policies look similar to Personal Auto policies they are rated and underwritten differently. Commercial policies have certain coverages, eligibility,  exclusions and limitations that are different from Personal Auto insurance policies.

Business Auto policies may cover certain business exposures and situations that Personal Auto policies do not provide coverage for.


Some of the examples of when Commercial Auto insurance or Hired/Non-Owned vehicle endorsement might be needed for proper protection:


  • Your business owns, leases or rents vehicles
  • Employees drive cars that belong to the business or leased for their use.
  • Any vehicles used for both personal and business use
  • Employees use their own vehicles for business purposes during or after business hours
  • You use your personal vehicle for business
  • And many other situations…


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