General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance also known as Business Liability is for contractors or small businesses that do not have business property

General Liability Insurance

Practically every business should have a Commercial General Liability insurance (GL). This is one of the most important insurance coverages for any business. General Liability policy is designed to protect the business in case of claims or lawsuits due to business operations that caused bodily injury, property damage, personal liability and some other types of claims. General Liability policies vary from one insurance company to another; and coverages might differ depending on types of business the policies are designed for. In addition, it’s important to understand all the endorsements, exclusions and limitations since not all General Liability policies are designed equally.

Most General Liability insurance policies consist of 3 main coverages

Bodily Injury coverage

Bodily Injury provides coverage in case your business operations will cause bodily injuries to another person(s)

Property Damage coverage

Property Damage provides coverage in case your business will cause damages to property of others.

Personal and Advertising Injury coverage

Personal and Advertising Injury provides coverage for lawsuits of personal injuries such as libel and slander.

There are other additional coverages that might be available and, depending on type of business you are in, it’s important to customize the coverage to properly protect your business. Some businesses may need to add coverage such as Hired and Non-Owned auto endorsement, Liquor liability, Bailee coverage, etc.

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