We shop among 50+ insurance companies to find you the best rates

Knowledgeable insurance agents will shop on your behalf and will provide you the best rates on any type of insurance:
Auto, Home, Business, Motorcycle, Life and any other insurance.

Some of our Charitable Contributions

Why Buy Insurance from Our Agency?:

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    Access to 50+ Insurance Companies

    Provide your information once and compare insurance rates among multiple insurance companies to find the best rates. If you get multiple rates from various insurance companies at once there is a big chance you find the right insurance company that will provide you the best rate. The quotes are free and you have no obligation to buy. Get the best rate and save the hassle of shopping around – We will do it for you.

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    Any Type of Insurance

    You can purchase practically any type of insurance with us, so there is no need for you to have your policies with different insurance agents and companies. We offer Auto, Home/Condo/Renters, any type of Business, Life Insurance, etc.

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    Easy to Purchase and Service Your Insurance

    No need for printing, scanning or faxing any paperwork. Your insurance policies can be purchased and serviced over the phone, online or email. You can get your insurance policy from the comfort of your home or office via phone or computer. Also, everything is done for you by our experienced agents.

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    Unlimited Consultations and Quotes

    We offer Free, Unlimited Consultations. Insurance can get complicated and you do not want to do it alone. Contact us with any questions about any types of insurance policies, so that you can make right decisions and buy proper coverages. You can usually reach our agents by phone in less than 1 minute.

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    Your Policies Re-Shopped Automatically at Every Renewal

    All your policies are being re-shopped automatically on your behalf to make sure you never overpay for any of your insurance policies. We don’t only shop your insurance policies at the beginning of your purchase but also at every renewal, so that you don’t need to shop for insurance ever again. You get notified when we find better rates.

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    Excellent and Personalized Service

    Your insurance policies are being worked on and reviewed regularly by a licensed and knowledgable insurance agents, so you and your policies get personal attention. You can reach us via phone usually under 1 minute; Our agents are highly trained and experienced; Your satisfaction is very important to us.

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    Experienced and Knowledgable Agents

    Our agents are experienced and knowledgable. They all go thru intensive training and many have been in business for decades. If you were to call insurance company directly, there is a chance you may end up speaking with a call center agent who may not have years of experience and it may just be a job for them. We treat our job as a career and continuously advancing our knowledge, getting continuous training and stay up to date on insurance trends.

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    We Work Harder for Our Clients

    Our agents look after each and every client and their policies, provide personalized attention to our clients, re-shopping your policies regularly to make sure you are fully satisfied and make sure you have the least amount of insurance related tasks. You may have completely different experience when you work directly with insurance companies. It’s impossible for big insurance companies to touch and review each and every client and their policies individually. Also, loosing a client does not affect them much since they have so many clients, so they may not be able to look after you, your policies and provide you with personalized service like many independent agencies.

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    We Work for You, Not Insurance Company

    When you work with our agency, we work for you and represent your best interest. When you buy insurance policy directly from insurance company you are buying from agents that serve the interest of their employer (insurance company).

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    You Have Many Insurance Companies to Choose From

    Because we work with many different insurance companies you have many insurance companies and many quotes to choose from. If you work directly with other insurance companies – you only get what they able to provide you with – only one quote – theirs (no choice).

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    Everything Done For You Service

    All of your insurance related tasks are taken care of by us. Looking for a new policy, need to make a change or have issues with your policy? We get it all done for you. All issues you may have are fixed by us. So, if you need anything, just tell us what you need and we will take care of it for you.

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    Better Rates Thru Agencies vs Direct Insurance Companies

    Insurance companies that work through brokers rather than direct to consumer often able to provide better insurance rates. Why? Because of a much decreased cost of doing business for insurance companies (lowered or removed cost of labor, workers comp, cost of insurance and benefits, hiring, firing, HR, training, renting buildings, infrastracture, computers, printers, super expensive advertising and many other costs). Lower costs of doing business = lower insurance rates.

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    All Policies Underwritten by Licensed Agents

    At our agency all of your quotes and policies are reviewed by knowledgable and licensed insurance agents. The hidden issues of getting quotes online on your own is that online engines provide quotes based on information you provided, so your policy may get issued with incorrect rates (which may change later), it may not even be structured properly and it may not insure everyone either. You may find out about not having proper coverage when you make a claim but its just too late.

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    High Risk or Low Risk Clients Accepted

    Whether insurance companies consider you as a high risk or a low risk client,- we can help you. Some insurance companies specialize in insuring only low risk clients, others may focus on high risk clients, so its important to find the right insurance company for you depending on your unique situation. Our agency works with variety of insurance companies and will help you find the right insurance company that matches your unique situations. High risk or low risk drivers, homes or businesses are accepted and insured by our agency.

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    You Help Us Donate Some of Our Time and Money to People in Need

    Because you do business with our agency we are able to use some of our time and money to help people in need. We regularly donate part of our profits to great causes, we voluntee, we spend our earnings supporting local California businesses and communites. When you purchase a policy with us you help our kids take a dancing lesson, graduate from local schools, you are supporting your neighbors, etc. There might be a totally different picture when you purchase insurance directly from big insurance companies. When you buy from them direct you might be supporting CEO in purchasing another multi-million dollar yacht, whose employees may not be in California and many may not even be in US. Support California’s businesses. We spend our time and money here, in California, we donate and we help people in need.